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Schoonzicht Holiday, founded in the 70's by H.J. Tijhuis & R. Tijhuis-Bouwman, as a window cleaning company under the name Schoonzicht. Schoonzicht cleaned the windows of the VVV holiday homes in Oostkapelle.

Today, Schoonzicht Holiday is a company that rents out holiday homes in Zeeland. Once started with 3 houses, in the basement of Hotel Bos en Duin in Oostkapelle, then an office at Zompe 39 in Serooskerke. Our current seat is at Zompe 2 in Serooskerke. With 4 office workers, the technical service and its own cleaning team, Schoonzicht Holiday has grown enormously over the years.

We hope to continue to grow and develop in the future. Stay up to date and follow us on our website, Facebook and Instagram.