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Veere is a beautiful historic city in the province of Zeeland. Veere is located northeast of Middelburg on the canal of Walcheren and the Veerse Meer. Veere has many beautiful sights and there is plenty to do for young and old. As one out of the 17 protected towns and villages in Zeeland, Veere has many monuments. For example, you can visit the Grote Kerk, which dates back to 1348 and was used by Napoleon's soldiers as a military hospital. Also visit the other monuments such as the Town Hall, the Scottish Houses, or the Campveerse Toren. Each with its own rich history.

What is to do in Veere?

Museum Veere
Museum Veere is housed in two beautiful historic buildings that show the history of Veere: the Scottish Houses on the Kaai and the monumental Town Hall on the Markt. The collection includes the unique 16th-century Town Hall statues of Veere and the famous gilded cup of Maximilian. Throughout the year, Museum Veere organizes activities and exhibitions that highlight the history of the city.

Grandma's Candy Store
Grandma's candy store is a tiny shop and has been around for 30 years. Here you can buy more than 100 types of traditional and old Dutch candy. The saleswomen even still wear old-fashioned aprons. Well worth a visit!

Historic market
In the summer, a historic market is held every Tuesday in Veere. Items are sold, such as antiques, jewelry, wooden toys, and of course local products. There are also demonstrations of all kinds of old crafts.


Cottage in Veere

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