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Welcome to Schoonzicht Holiday!

At Schoonzicht Holiday we know how to relieve you of your worries when renting out your holiday home in Zeeland. With 20 years of experience in renting out vacation homes, we are the right party for you. Our goal is to offer both tourists and holiday home owners a carefree and enjoyable experience in the nicest province in the Netherlands!

Are you a proud owner of a holiday home in the regions of Walcheren, Noord-Beveland or Zuid-Beveland? Are you considering to rent out your holiday home in Zeeland? Then Schoonzicht Holiday is the right place for you! We are ready to support you in every step of the rental process. Whether you live far away or simply don't have the time to arrange everything yourself, we will take the worries off your hands.


Why choose Schoonzicht Holiday:

Our Online Booking Platform

At Schoonzicht Holiday we understand the importance of an efficient and user-friendly online booking platform. For this we have an advanced online booking platform that makes it easy for you and potential tenants to find and book holiday homes in Zeeland. Thanks to our strong reputation in recent years, our regular guests know where to find us.

Personal Key Transfer

At Schoonzicht Holiday we value personal service. That is why we provide a personal key transfer. This means that your guests will be warmly welcomed and receive all the necessary information they need to enjoy their stay. It also creates a feeling of trust and hospitality, which increases the chance of repeat bookings.

Cleaning Service & Maintenance

Your holiday home must always be in top condition to keep guests satisfied. Schoonzicht Holiday offers professional cleaning and maintenance services to ensure that your rented holiday home in Zeeland is always in perfect condition. We understand the importance of a clean and well-maintained holiday home and take responsibility for arranging this for you.

24/7 Troubleshooting Service

Problems can occur at any time, which is why we offer a 24/7 breakdown service. You and your guests can rest easy knowing that there is always someone available to help in an emergency.

Full Financial Handling

At Schoonzicht Holiday we also take care of the complete financial handling for our landlords. You will receive your income regularly and without hassle. We also ensure transparent and clear financial reporting.
Our rental packages
At Schoonzicht Holiday you have the option to choose from two rental packages: Basic Rental and Full Rental. We also offer additional services to supplement our rental packages. See below which rental package best suits your needs.
Allow us to assist you in maximizing the benefits of effortlessly renting out your holiday home in Zeeland. Get in touch with us today for additional details and explore the ways we can support you in achieving a successful rental experience.
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