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The village is first mentioned in the twelfth century as Alartskintskerke. From the thirteenth century the village is called 's Heer Alartskerke, which has been corrupted over the centuries to the current name. The village contained a monastery in the Middle Ages. In 1966, the village gained national fame through a valuable historical find. A farmhand came across a gold coin while digging in a leek field. The treasure eventually consisted of more than a thousand gold coins. The coins date from the late sixteenth, early seventeenth century. Never before had such a variety of coins been found. The gold treasure yielded more than 340,000 euros, of which the municipality could claim half. Swimming pool De Goudvijver was built as a gift to the village.
In 1979 another coin hoard was found, this time consisting of 850 silver coins and owned in its entirety by the municipality of Veere. Serooskerke was an independent municipality from 1811 to July 1, 1966, since then the village has been part of the municipality of Veere. On Schouwen Duiveland there is also a village called Serooskerke. The coat of arms of Serooskerke consists of three dog heads.

What to do in Serooskerke:

Mill de Jonge Johannes
At the mill (de Jonge Johannes) in Serooskerke you can enjoy a snack and a drink on the sunny terrace while the children enjoy themselves in the playground with cable car, go-kart track, giant bouncy castle, miniature golf course, and much more. It is also a great place to have breakfast, lunch and dinner .
Swimming pool the Gold Pond
The swimming pool is open from May 2 to September 17. The swimming pool consists of an outdoor pool, some play equipment and a table tennis table.

Cottage in Serooskerke

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