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Oostkapelle owes its name to a chapel that must have stood here in earlier times, together with another chapel, which stood where the current Westkapelle is located. As a fortified town, Oostkapelle's western sister developed better in the Middle Ages than Oostkapelle, which remained a farming village until the twentieth century.

After the Second World War, however, the place developed into a seaside resort in the wake of Domburg and Zoutelande. Just like Domburg, Oostkapelle borders on a wide strip of land with dunes and forests, called De Manteling. It also includes the 12th century Kasteel Westhove and the museum for nature and landscape of Zeeland, Terra Maris.

Tea garden Het Kaslokaal in Oostkapelle

Enter Het Kaslokaal! You will immediately feel at home in this former horticultural greenhouse, which has been transformed into an attractive tea garden. Take your time together and enjoy what they have to offer: homemade cake and lunch, coffee from De Zeeuwse Branding and fresh tea. What they make in the tea garden comes as much as possible from the greenhouse, the garden and the environment. In Het Kaslokaal you get a taste of Zeeland.

Behind the greenhouse is a wonderfully sheltered garden, which shows a different atmosphere every season. As soon as the sun shines, it's a good place to be. There is plenty of room to enjoy the menu of Het Kaslokaal - with a tasty beer or wine, or the home made lemonade! Take a walk through the garden, discover what it has to offer and be surprised. For the little ones there is plenty of fun in the wooden playhouses and everyone feels free on the swing! Everyone is welcome in Het Kaslokaal.

Nature reserve De Manteling

The Manteling stretches from Domburg to the Veersegatdam. It is a unique nature reserve that consists of beach, dunes, inner dune edge forests, froon areas and various water features. The size of this area is approximately 750 hectares. Several routes have been set out in this area, including the blue route of 4 km and the white route of 3 km.

Museum Terra Maris

A varied and lively exhibition takes you through the history of the Zeeland landscape and shows you the richly varied Zeeland nature, from cormorant to samphire! Terra Maris organizes activities in and around the museum all year round, such as excursions in the Manteling nature reserve, beachcomber walks and activities especially for children.

Holidayhome in Oostkapelle

If you opt for a holiday home in Oostkapelle, you will enjoy a wonderful holiday on the coast. You can reach the beach within a few minutes by bike or on foot. Or take a nice walk through the Manteling and Oranjezon nature reserves. At Schoonzicht Holiday you have a wide choice of holiday homes. Various types of houses, differing in size and luxury.