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Gapinge is a small village about five kilometers north of Middelburg and about two kilometers west of the city of Veere.

The old Gapinge has about 500 inhabitants and is therefore the ideal base for people who love community spirit and tranquility. In 2016 the 800th anniversary of the village was celebrated and the rich Zeeland traditions, such as ring riding, can still be found here from time to time. In the center is the late Gothic Torenkerk (Mariakerk) which dates from the early fifteenth century.

What to see in Gapinge?

Vliedberg Snouck Hurgronjeweg
Vliedbergen are a striking appearance in the flat Walcheren landscape. The term Vliedberg literally means “mountain of refuge”. These hills were often constructed in the Middle Ages as a refuge during floods. The 7-meter-high Vliedberg Snouck Hurgronjeweg did not so much function as a refuge to protect against the rising water but served more as a militarily strategic location. In the eleventh and twelfth centuries, a wooden watchtower, also called a motte-and-bailey, stood on the hill.

Windmill De Graanhalm
On the edge of the village, you will find the beautiful corn mill "de Graanhalm". The mill dates from 1896 and is still in use.

Cottage in Gapinge

If you choose a holiday home in Gapinge then you can be sure that you will fully enjoy all the tranquility of the beautiful Walcheren countryside. Because it is close to the picturesque fortified town of Veere, you can easily reach the Veerse Meer. It is also only a short 20-minute bike ride to the beach at Vrouwenpolder. The Manteling and Oranjezon nature reserves can be reached by bike in 30 minutes.