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Vlissingen is a city in Zeeland located on the banks of the Western Scheldt. Vlissingen is a city with a maritime past. Not only because of the famous statue of Michiel de Ruyter, which was refurbished in 2011 but also because of the Kazamatten and various monuments in the city, you can imagine yourself going back in time and experience the history of Vlissingen. In the center, you will find the Michiel de Ruyter marina.

In Vlissingen you have various day attractions, shops, cafes, and restaurants, and of course the pleasant boulevard with many terraces. It is wonderful to stay here in the summer.

What to do in Vlissingen:

The MuZEEum is located in the beautifully restored Lampsinshuis from 1641. You will become acquainted with the greatest maritime history of Zeeland. You can discover Zeeland's history in four themes: water, work, glory, and adventure. In the brasserie 'De Gecroonde Liefde' you can have a delicious lunch, dinner or drink coffee.

Holiday home in Vlissingen

With a holiday home in Vlissingen, enjoyment on the beach is the focus. The nearby boulevard of Vlissingen is a lively place with various restaurants and nice terraces. From your holiday home in Vlissingen, you are only a stone's throw away from the city center.